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tasty adj
1 especially pleasing to the taste; "a dainty dish to set before a kind"; "a tasty morsel" [syn: dainty]
2 pleasing to the sense of taste [syn: mouth-watering, savory, savoury] [also: tastiest, tastier]

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  1. Having a pleasant or satisfying flavor; delicious.
    You could make this tasty meal for breakfast.
  2. Having or showing good taste; tasteful.
    These items will make an attractive and tasty display.
  3. Appealing; when applied to persons, sexually appealing.

Derived terms


having a pleasant or satisfying flavor
  • Dutch: lekker
  • Hungarian: ízletes
  • Indonesian: enak
  • Japanese: おいしい
  • Russian: вкусный
having or showing good taste
  • Hungarian: ízléses
  • Japanese: 風味のよい
  • Russian: изящный
slang: appealing
  • Japanese: おいしそう

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